Travis M. Landers

Teacher. Techie. Producer.

what i can provide


My experiences have given me the tools to create a learning environment that is fun, applies tested methodologies, and uses an intelligent curriculum design procedure.


I love using my background in technology to make administrative processes easier or to enrich the learning environment.


I am excited about teaching and helping others learn! Recently, I finished a research proposal titled "Training Your Mouth for Pronunciation". Also, I am focusing on learning more about task-based learning and student-centered workshop environments.


I am an idea person. I love thinking up innovative solutions to everyday problems, whether they be in the classroom or for the tedious but necessary admin that sometimes surrounds our teaching.

"I hear, I forget.     I see, I remember.     I do, I understand."

I am good at

My studies and experience have given me exposure to various ESOL methodologies. I have designed and adapted curriculum at every position here in Korea and recently I have been able to apply small but effective changes into my classes from what I have learned as a graduate student. Last, I have gotten a taste for research through an introductory course and would like the possibility to do more in this area.

My background in IT and video gives me a unique opportunity to leverage technology in the classroom or to create administrative solutions. In the past, I have used my skills in video to promote interest. Using my IT skills, I have created electronic grade books in excel to streamline end of semester evaluations. Also, I used programming skills at one of my positions to create an online site for teachers to share quizzes and other documents.



  • Office Efficiency Software 95%
    Microsoft Excel, Word, Background Programming, Open Office
  • Video Editing Software 80%
    Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and After Effects, ...
  • Web Design and Programming Languages 80%
    HTML, Java, VBA, PHP, ...

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

-William Butler Yeats

My resume

work experience

2005 - 2007

Teacher / Manager, Ewha Language School

2005 - 2007

Gumi, South Korea

  • Taught 600 Korean students in reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Helped achieve corporate expansion of a new school with over 300 students thereby increasing enrollment by 100%
  • Developed an online curriculum repository for use across 2 campuses allowing teachers to easily share ideas and work
  • Managed and trained certified and uncertified teachers, alike, from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.
  • Prepared, evaluated, or reviewed foreign teachers’ weekly subject objectives; optimizing student reenrollment
  • Created syllabi, quizzes, exams, lesson plans, and class specific games to achieve a customized curriculum. Textbooks change five different times in a given year; teaching techniques alter with each book in each level.

2008 - now

Teacher, Moonkkang English Academy

2008 - now

Daegu, South Korea

  • Taught 2400 Korean students in reading, writing, speaking, listening, drama, phonics, and TOEFL
  • Designed curriculum for TOEFL writing and adapted other advanced ESOL subjects
  • Intelligently leveraged technology to create a blended learning environment, which activated learners’ background knowledge and pushed them to their full potential
    • Developed a class blog to help students activate their background knowledge in reading
  • Established dynamic incentive programs to both excite and inspire learners
    • This video was used to announce the winners of a writing contest.
  • Created, organized, and produced 5 dramatic performances
    • This video was used as a quick way to get students excited about their upcoming play before we began practicing that day.
  • Collaborated with Korean co-teachers and managers to assess, adjust, and correct individual student learning objectives
  • Mentored Korean and foreign teachers, giving them custom-tailored insight to develop innovative teaching practices

2005 - Now

Mentor, Korean Community

2005 - Now

  • Supported TOEIC professors, veteran teachers, newcomers, business managers, industry leaders, and academy owners
  • Developed adult learning modules around proficiency and communication skills

Education experience


Bachelor of Science in CIS, Business Process Management, and International Studies


Kelley School of Business - Bloomington, IN

I received what you might think of as a computer consulting degree from the Kelley School of Business in 2002. I worked very hard and graduated with a GPA of 3.52. During that time I had one teaching experience. I was a peer tutor for a freshman level course called "Microsoft Excel in Business".

2014 - now

Masters of Science in Education with a focus on ESOL learners

Anticipated 2015

Fort Hays University - Topeka, KS

I am currently taking courses online and anticipate graduating at the end of 2015. My program is mix between ESOL courses and a core of education courses that is meant to develop leadership skills. Take a look at my portfolio so see some of the exciting projects I have been working on!

About me

Travis Landers

Teacher, Technology Specialist, Producer From Indiana, USA

I grew up in a small town in Indiana.  I am a farm boy who has taken the lessons of hard work in the fields and applied them to the classroom and several technology related projects.

I am currently studying online and will receive my masters in education with an emphasis in ESOL in 2015.

I have lived and worked in South Korea since 2005.  Initially I started in Gumi and later moved to Daegu where I currently reside. Soon I will get married to my Korean girlfriend so I am excited about that!

More than anything, as far as my career is concerned, I am presently looking for a position that will allow me to truly contribute and grow as a teacher.  I want to apply newly acquired knowledge from my degree.  I want to continue researching new practices and methods.  Essentially I want to be what I call a “Teacher Scientist” by intelligently experimenting to improve the learning environment.

"Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning."

-William Arthur Ward

Contact me

Feel free to write or call and I will try to respond as soon as I can!



  • 010-5503-5117

  • Daegu, South Korea